when we do it will be in mid April and possibly for a week, maybe two. Be warned: if youre planning on staying at Erldunda in June through to September, I STRONGLY suggest that you book your accommodation as it gets very busy here! Marla is actually a small village, with a couple of dusty streets, a police station and a mechanical repairs workshop (they only do very basic repairs, however). I am very excited about this trip and will share my experience upon completion of our road trip. The Coober Pedy to Alice Springs drive in Australia is 688km long. Allow at least a couple of days to do this journey and more if you want to stop and see other things along the way. Thanks a lot for all these informations! Im planning this road trip currently and this page is the most useful and informative I have come across. Fuel & food available: Glendambo & Coober Pedy. You can drive a section on the track, and return to the highway at Coober Pedy or Marla. Comments like yours make all the hours we put in with the website worthwhile. track northwards. You can refill LPG gas cylinders at all major centres: Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Yulara, Kings Canyon, and of course, there are numerous places to refill in Alice Springs. It passes through the Macdonnell Ranges and finally crosses the Northern Territory / South Australia border south of Kulgera. This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on an interactive map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions South Australia (Australia). About the Author | New Pages | Site Index | Contact, Junction to Coober Pedy on the Stuart Highway, At the Northern Territory / South Australia border, Flowers on the roadside - travelling Stuart Highway, The new Ghan railway line near Cadney Park, Erldunda Roadhouse at the junction of Stuart & Lasseter Highway, South Australia - Northern Territory Border, Click here to read more about the city on top of Spencer Gulf, Click here to read my article about Coober Pedy. Say goodbye to the Northern Territory today as you head over the NT/SA border into South Australia. One of our daughters keeps on at me for another camping trip and visit to Alice still every year, great to catch up with friends in the Territory. Jenny, Hi Amanda and Gary, great issue and info on road trip to Alice Springs. In few days I will be in Melbourne to meet my doughter. The husband and I did it in mid October this year and loved every minute of it including flies and heat. which is more scenic, and invites you to explore picturesque Clare and The township is on Aboriginal lands, so you need a permit from the police station at Marla if you want to visit. Im not sure where Ill be early August at this stage. Fly direct to Darwin, Alice Springs and Uluru from most capital cities. We just returned to Luxembourg, Europe, after our trip in a campervan from Melbourne to Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. Ive never done Bikram, though. Eyre highway is another major Outback route that starts in Port Augusta, leading across the Nullarbor plain into Western Australia. Is it the good car to go ahead for this drive. We are leaving in 4 weeks from Melbourne to Alice and of course Ayers Rock. A normal car will do this journey. Thanks Gary, we plan to arrive at Yulara to meet up with another travelling party and then we will definitely be slow travelling around the area and on our return journey. Along the way, youre going to pass through increasingly mountainous terrain: youll pass the Palmer Ranges, drive through the James Range, past the Waterhouse Ranges and finally, youll see the magnificent MacDonnell Ranges where Alice Springs is nestled. Didnt even get to hear most of the e-books we had downloaded. Back on the Stuart Highway, don't miss the Lake Hart lookout and rest area about 50 km past Pimba. Can I drive from Alice Springs to Birdsville? Ive just been reading up on Coober pedy as Ill be stopping there today yesterday was a pleasant 24 degrees in glendambo but Im expecting a hotter day today. Say goodbye to the Northern Territory today as you head over the NT/SA border into South Australia. then. It seems like the only available car company who offer this is Hertz. No worries, thank you and were glad you had a great time! Thank you for writing up this article, its a wealth of knowledge for people planning a trip through this amazing part of the country. BLOG I dont like driving here in NZ but I just loved driving each day as I did this trip on my own. I need to know all watering holes and . If you are in Alice at the beginning of August would love to meet up as our yoga mats are coming along and maybe we could meet for a yoga session or 2 There are quite a few alternative stops along the way but of course this is up to you. Planning a road trip from sydney to Alice spring beginning of January. Yes, the Stuart Highway is most definitely sealed all the way from Adelaide to Darwin and has been sealed for several decades. We enjoyed Alice Springs so much on our first trip that we stayed and worked there until our kids finished schooling. You may wish to fill up your car at Glendambo if you have a small tank. The Stuart Highway continues through flat landscapes with little But for a real trip, there can be plenty of differences so go ahead and check the reverse directions to get the distance from Alice Springs to Gold Coast, or go to the main page to calculate the distance between cities. Enjoy your trip. On this route you'll also have access to Chambers Pillar, May to October Lived in the Territory most of my life - Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and Darwin - missed Katherine for some , Balloon trip Ayers RockCould you tell me if I could get a balloon trip around Ayers Rock? I have noted your advice re fuel stations, phone coverage, overnight staying, spare parts/wheel and sight seeing locations. I cant wait to go now haha, I love Australia and Im sure our 5yr old will enjoy this trip immensely, Hi Amanda , Find a geocache. Thanks for giving us this comprehensive guide to driving Alice to Adelaide and Uluru, the information you have provided will undoubtedly ensure anyone heading your advice and safety trips will have a most enjoyable trip, I am so looking forward to mine. So glad to know we were helpful, Hi Amanda, The drive from Coober Pedy to Alice Springs is one of the longest stretches of the drive up the Stuart Highway from Alice Springs to Darwin. Yes I am one of those 4% who does not live where the other 96% live, and I will often go for several weeks when Im away doing bushwork without any phone or internet reception. Should we rent a Sat phone just in case we break down? the roads are great and you can get to many places in an AWD or 2WD. 20km radius around Marla. Over the years we have assisted people who have found themselves in trouble from simple breakdowns to vehicle roll overs, Will be on our way again after covid [19] is finally beaten, cheers and keep safe from Eric and family 12/04/2020. (no flies, no heat at our place) . Free roadside campsites: Wikicamps shows you EVERY free & secret campsite. I was very nervous at the thought of driving from Adelaide to Alice but after I read and studied your guide I am somewhat less apprehensive. Port Augusta - population ~15,250 is on the edge of the South Finally, after a long drive along the Stuart Highway, you'll arrive in the largest town of central Australia. Once a thriving railway town, Kingoonya became nearly a ghost town when the highway was relocated. It said on your other page you can download it as a PDF, but the only options were for various readers. drink at the happy hour. Expect a Coober Pedy to Alice Springs driving time of 7h8m, with very few Stuart Highway road trip attractions on the way. We particularly appreciated Coober Pedy and adored stopping for the night at the roadhouses. Back here now to plan 2019 ride. This is also one section of the trip where emus are quite commonly seen so be on the lookout for them. Open all Barkly Highway Victoria Highway Contact For more information, email assetinformation.dipl@nt.gov.au Last updated: 21 June 2022 Give feedback about this page. Click here to read more about the city on top of Spencer Gulf. Great information, this looks so well-done!!!!!!! Thanks. I understand there is a surcharge for picking and returning in a different location but the price cant be 15 times more expensive than a normal daily rental (If pickup and return in Sydney, the daily rental is only AUD30!) You would try Wicked Campers they might be a better option. Alice Springs offers heaps of attractions to its visitors, too many to list them all in this place. I will scamper off the road if possible to avoid risk to myself and to my little car called Rita. Hi Amanda i just recently found out about this useful chat forum and as im planning to drive in a rent a car from pt Augusta to Darwin in September with a mate i would appreciate if you could provide me with some useful information. The terrain also begins to change. There is often a lot of roadkill (dead kangaroos and emus etc) on the road. Facilities: Motel and camping facilities, drive-thru Thanks again for this blog, Ive just reread it and loved knowing this time exactly what you are talking about with each placeit was truly an incredible experience. Whilst youll be driving on the Stuart Highway an excellent and mainly straight road, youre driving in the Australian outback for most of this journey, youll need to do a few simple things to stay safe: If youre worried about breaking down, please read MY experience of breaking down on this road as a solo woman traveller. Absolutely! My tip is to take a break and grab some photos at Lake Hart (you can camp here, too). I really think you should have allowed more time for an approximate 3730km trip. In the evening, as the temperature cools down, try 'noodling for opals' and see if you get lucky! and which are the most dangerous spots for active wildlife?Also are there any other dangers to be aware of along this route? Fuel is available at all roadhouses & towns on the list. The distance between cities of Northern Territory (Australia) is calculated in kilometers (kms), miles and nautical miles. We were totally alone. As experienced travellers of this road, we can tell you that those times when weve driven slowly and taken in all the sights and sounds of this iconic roadtrip are far more memorable than those times weve had to rush through this drive. Simply fill up at Glendambo and you should have plenty of fuel to get to Coober Pedy. We drive to and from Alice to Adelaide or to our second home in outback South Australia every summer. Otherwise, there is generally not a lot of rubbish along the roadsides. Hi Gary and Amanda, we had a holiday in May leaving from Adelaide and ending at Alice Springs. It looks like a few white golf balls in the distance. 30km north of Coober Pedy, then there is NOTHING, Free roadside campsites: Free campsites and reviews on Wikicamps. and its magnificent wetlands. vegetation. Do you plan to travel to, or within Australia? . Thanks so much for your reply and your facebook post. There are plenty of walks and gorges to explore and so much flora and fauna to see. Ive even driven it in a tiny Barina! The Department of Defence announces closures on their website. Safe travels to you and to others taking this amazing trip. Official visitor information. ? reach Coober Pedy. I am planning for SLOW DOWN driving i.e. But in case i do decide to overnight do you know of any motels or servos along the way which are open 24hrs. Thanks so much for your advise. Hi! You can actually get it for most of the way to Coober Pedy -thanks to the two big new mines (Prominent Hill and the other one whose name escapes me)- but it is a little patchy, so best not to rely on it there. Thanks for getting in touch. I am coming up in March for a couple of weeks exploring by bicycle and am looking forward to discovering a part of Australia that is long overdue for a visit. Alice Springs, the Alice, or just Alice, these are the common names for the city in the heart of central Australia. The pub has way more outback/bush atmosphere than Glendambo (Ive spent weeks at Glendambo, trust me on this), including hot outdoor fires in the cooler months (you might have to ask John to light one if numbers are low). From Coober Pedy, you head north once more, passing lots of mullock heaps, and traversing some low, barren hills. Alice Springs, town, Northern Territory, Australia. My biggest concern is how hot will it be and what effect will this have on tyres. Established The roadhouse offers Outback atmosphere, fuel, take-away food, to take a photo of the famous Australian road-trains. Thanks It is worth to stop for a night and explore Australia's opal capital. Ill rent a 2WD car and drive the Ocean Road to Adelaide and then up to Ayers Rock, included Ururu. Sorry Anthony, but there ARE no cheap rental car options. It actually took several weeks to put all the information together, edit and then publish here for you, for FREE. Second question is about temperature: I know it will be hot in december, but what does actually hot means? 3. My wife and I are going next year July August. wineries in the Clare Valley, Gladstone, Melrose and Wilmington. As you travel further north on the Stuart Highway, you'll notice a change of colour in These displaced Aboriginal people often spent decades trying to move back to their lands some, like many Pintupi people, ended up dying at places like Papunya, or walked out to create new settlements at Mt Liebig (Watiyawanu) and Kintore (Walungurru), never returning to their traditional lands. You can read my story here: . Don't miss a stop in the award-winning Clare Valley wine region; the perfect end to your road trip. and camping facilities. Our other must cities: Perth & Darwin. We are travelling to Alice from Sydney in a couple of weeks. We had a fabulous time, Central Australia is so beautiful and diverse as you say. 2. Alice Springs lies on the intermittent Todd River and the Stuart Highway, 1,028 road miles (1,654 km) north of Adelaide and 954 miles (1,535 km) south of Darwin. The Roadhouse has meals and a large bar area. Promise. The turnoff to Rainbow Valley (highly recommended for an overnight camp). This is also the BACK WAY to Uluru the way you go if youd like an adventure and want some dirt. so back home is flexible. 20km radius around Erldunda. Thanks Fuel & food available: Erldunda, Stuarts Well, Alice Springs, Free campsites: Check out Wikicamps for all free campsites, Mobile phone coverage: Telstra 3G reception is only available until approx. Thanks for the detailed guide , Sending some gratitude to you for this guide. :) There are tables, water, toilets and an If youre lucky, you should see quite a few emus on this part of the trip. The information you supplied in you article was extremely helpful for our trip. Providing it is in good mechanical condition however it should be ok. We are not saying dont drive at night but it is not recommended due to the potential for large animals to be on the road. Enter the "Distance From" city, village, town, airport or place name from Northern Territory (Australia) in the "Distance From" (first) text box. There are several good free camping options not too far away one in a gravel pit just a few kilometres along the Lasseter Highway, and a stunning campsite at a roadside stop set amongst sand dunes and desert oaks, about 30km north of Erldunda along the Stuart Highway. Theres also a few more hills. $11,640 - $12,880. century, both the Indian Pacific and the Ghan stop on request in Pimba. No sorry, thats the way the comments function on the website works and Im not able to do anything about it. look forward to doing this drive!! caravan sites. Hi Amanda, what a comprehensive fact sheet for us, thank you! Theres also powered and unpowered caravan and campsites. Feeling much more prepared now . Terms and Conditions There are LOTS of places to stay in Port Augusta. Just wondering is there way that your most recent relevant review/ comment eg 2018 comes up at the top instead of having to scroll through as it starts at 2014 and no doubt many changes from 2014. to the Northern Territory" sign. Were planning a month-long trip to Australia in April 2019. Travel. Would like to know, is summer okay to drive to It is about 8 hours drive from Melbourne to Adelaide, plus it will take you about 15 hours from Adelaide to Alice Springs and then about the same from Alice Springs to Darwin and this allows for only fuel stops. Heading north, youll come to a number of small towns, such as: Youll pass the turnoffs for the Yorke Peninsula (Kadina/Wallaroo), Port Pirie and the Flinders Ranges along the way as well. Thanks for any answer you will give me. backpackers) is available at Woomera which is only 7 km away.Detours from Pimba: Leave the Stuart Highway at Pimba and explore Andamooka, an unique opal mining town, about 110 km east of the highway. Mobile phone coverage: Telstra 3G reception is available for approx. Or I just need to know how many jerry cans to carry to make it through the longest stint without 95. Hi Amanda, This was a cold-war project between the British and Australian governments, which developed and tested long-range weapons systems (read: they fired rockets into the middle of nowhere lots of rockets). If I need any further advice, would you mind if I contact you directly. Get ready for 3 days of adventure on this express roadtrip from Adelaide to Alic Head off to see some of Australia's famous sights between Adelaide and Alice Spr During this 3 day self-drive you will experience the highlights this roadtrip ha Let us help you find the perfect Australian Adventure! Distance: 235kmDriving time: 2 hours 50 minutes*If you haven't taken the Oodnadatta Track route from Coober Pedy, you have a short drive from Port Augusta today also. Thank you! Cheers. My maternal grandmother taught yoga until she was 80 (shes now 96) so it could be in my genes. If you have a little extra time at hand, you can also use the Main North Road The main attraction are stunning red sandstone cliffs with Mobile phone coverage: Telstra reception is available all the way. Thanks to this site for giving me confidence for the journey. . The distance between Port Augusta and Alice Springs is 1049 km. Luckily I was concentrating and had enough time to stop for them. Let me take you on an epic journey to Australia's red centre, the first section of the famous Stuart Highway. Cadney Park itself is neat, tidy little roadhouse. Thanks Christine. Thanks for this write up, its very comprehensive. Hoping to get to finally do our road trip in the coming weeksfingers crossed! Thank you again and have a great long and safe trip of yours. to the east. with shimmering salt lakes on the horizon, or sometimes, close to the While you are there, don't miss to stop by at the Andamooka Yacht Club, the new tourism hub & cafe.On the way you'll pass by Woomera and Roxby Downs. Kulgera sits on the junction of the Stuart Hwy and the road to Apulta. area. It gave us a few invaluable tips for our recent school holiday road trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs / Ularu and back again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and advice on your Road Trip. Hope you enjoy your adventure. Sorry it took so long to pass on our thanks. Detours from Cadney: A day-tour to the painted desert, I have a quick question in hoping you can help me with; Im planning to ride my motorcycle up to Kata Tjuta on the Easter long weekend (or as far up as I can before having to return safely, as I only have four days). We have just picked up a motorhome and are on our way now! Regards Graham, Hi Graham, thanks a lot mate, enjoy your travels and I hope it all goes well. Tonight enjoy a night sleeping underground tonight; just like the locals do! Why rush if you have a motorhome? So here are just a few of my favourites: Historical places fascinate me a lot, you'll find plenty of them in Alice. The distance between Marla and Alice Springs is 402 km. Alice Springs to Uluru: a 7-day road trip 9 days of waterhole hopping in the Northern Territory From Darwin to Adelaide: 14 days of nature, wine and Aboriginal cultures 5-day Darwin to Katherine road trip Start planning Accommodation Eat and Drink Diplomat Motel Alice Springs 20 Gregory Terrace, Alice Springs Hotels Swimming Pool 3 1/2 Stars Its worth a visit to see some of the rockets and for the fascinating visitors centre, which has detailed displays on the weapons testing programs there. Thank you for your quick reply. I at last have done the trip.. what an incredible experience Driving to Uluru? Detours from Glendambo: A fairly good unsealed road leads to Kingoonya, 44 km west of Glendambo. Now you are on what we think of as the home straight. Slow travel -with an emphasis on experience and enjoyment- is our travel philosophy. Ive even broken down on this road in a wee little Barina I didnt need a sat phone to get help. Your info about phone coverage, fuel, food etc is most helpful but where are we able to fill gas cylinders. Take regular breaks and allow time to look at things, try not to lock everything into place as something may occur that prevents you from arriving at that time. Northern Territory (Australia) Driving Distance Calculator, calculates the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns or airports in Northern Territory (Australia). Im planning to ride from Melbourne to ulura. How long does this section of the journey usually take? We are still sussing out accommodation at several places. Any advice and guidance is highly appreciated. MacDonnell Ranges. I really enjoyed this information. Their biggest attraction is that visitors can feed Drive 4h 42m. Marla is a small town with a huge roadhouse, Marla Travellers Rest, So it had to go to my Kindle. McDouall Stuart was the first European who saw this landmark in 1860. Your blog is excellent source with comprehensive coverage to plan the trip. The roadhouse has all types of fuel and offers This is such a great post! We are thinking of doing a trip to Alice Springs in our little holden 4door hatch and wondered if it would make thetrip from Gawler to the Alice without any problems. Well use your blogs as gospel when going. He helped me out immensely when I broke down in the outback ALONE! You can There is a second longer dirt road that leads back to the Highway, the pub will point that out if you ask. Around the roadside rest stops, unfortunately, there is often a lot of toilet paper as many travellers do not clean up after themselves. Australia Distance Calculator and Driving Distance Between Cities Enter the "Distance From" city, village, town, airport or place name from Australia in the first text box. This is probably Australias most iconic roadtrip especially if you add in a side trip to Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Hi Amanda! Mobile phone coverage: Telstra 3G reception is only available for approx. The GPS will work fine as it runs off satellites not the phone network. I will be sure to share your post and look forward to reading more from you! On route to Erldunda Roadhouse stop off at Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve, just 100km south of Alice Springs, to enjoy the sandstone bluffs and rock formations. The camping area is dirt but it is quiet and away from the highway. Get in touch with us here for details. Really glad to hear you enjoyed your adventure and its given you a taste of the outback and the confidence to do so again. Facilities: Hotel/motel with bar & bottle-shop, 60 air-conditioned motel units. The german automobiles wont take 91 unfortunately and I dont want to get stuck! one of the well-known landmarks in the Northern Territory. Every now and then you'll see low ranges on the horizon. Such a good info at one place. Only have our plane travel to Aus. [4] The highway was only fully sealed in February 1987 as part of the Australian Bicentenary roadworks programme. Hi Amanda There are cheaper backpackers rooms near the smaller roadhouse (southern end of town). Also as your blog appears to be a few years old has the price of Fuel gone down in between towns and are some places cheaper than others. include a supermarket, opal shops, cafes and restaurants. Margaret Morgan. Lina, I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much valuable info together! Highway. I am hoping to take my 2WD Golf up, Ive read everything youve written and I will heed all of your advice. Today the Stuart Highway begins in Port Augusta, 305 km north of That is my *main* advice: very hot conditions arent kind to worn tyres. 2nd to 13th September 2018, my trip info and photos on the link above Archaeological evidence suggests the region has been inhabited for 25,000 years. As suggested, will plan accordingly. thank you for taking the time to write about this trip in such detail. Alice-springs is 1,637.34 mi (2,635.04 km) south of the equator, so it is located in the southern hemisphere. I recently got a job in Alice and thinking to move there with my wife, 3 yrs old son and 4 months old daughteer. Hi Amanda, GREAT information thank you! Hello You can also enter airport name or code from Northern Territory (Australia) in above fields. Janet and Max. make decisions! We are just back from our two week trip from Melbourne to Alice and back again, and what I learned here in preparation was invaluable. Distance: 2,884 km's; Total Driving Time: 36 hours, . Thks for ur trip plan. What would be your recommendations? We were carrying two spares, so we were lucky! It was a great travel guide. Distance: 490kmDriving time: 5 hours 40 minutes. Hi Amanda. THANK YOU . This is a very long from your long trip. Its actually our favourite place to stay and we will stay here on average 4 times each year. Is it necessary to have a petrol canister to do this journey? Oodnadatta Track from Coober Pedy also. On routeto Erldunda Roadhouse stop off atRainbowValley Conservation Reserve, just 100km south of Alice Springs, to enjoy the sandstone bluffs and rock formations. Regards and thank you. We will be driving with Kluger and will make sure that I will get it serviced before starting. Mount Conner. This will be a quick response as were packing for a long trip. Continuing on the Stuart Highway, you'll reach Alice In June 2014, I drove from Alice Springs to Port Pirie in one day and then back to Alice Springs after staying a day in Port Pirie. November is likely to be warm to hot, say mid 30s at least. We have the rental for about 17 days so will need to fill up. We regularly have below zero temps in July in the wee morning hours. stories to tell. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); HOME Earlier drivers of Austin Sevens didnt have the comfort of tarred roads and they managed so I guess I will manage quite well also. We have a whole section on this amazing, friendly little outback town, so check out these pages: You could easily spend 2 or 3 days at Coober Pedy, visiting underground mines, houses and shops, taking a sunset trip to the Breakways and the Moon Plain (where Mad Max 2 & 3 were made). :) Not long before you reach Pimba and if youre observant- look out to the left (west) and you might spot the remains of Nurrungar a joint US-Australian spy base. If i need further advice, I will contact you on your email provided. Can I suggest instead of Glendambo that people stay at Kingoonya. . accessible by conventional cars. Absolutely magic. The journeys took me 17 hours per limb, with 4 hours of night time drive each way (Glendambo to Port Pirie onwards and Marla to Alice Springs on return). This is worth a visit but be warned: its a 4WD only track and youll need several hours to drive out it. Do you think this is should be done during the winter months or would you recommend breaking the journey into two? Cheers. this information is great and has helped us plan this part of our holiday. In fact we are planning some night driving ( a few hours on some nights), but after reading your post I am rethinking now. As long as your tyres are not too worn, you shouldnt have any problems. So far have a 2-week NSW train pass route planned. Erldunda is a great spot to stay for a night. rainbow-like bands of coloured rocks. Happy and safe travels The first part of the drive is through low, undulating hills, with lots of scrub around you. Alice Springs to Ormiston Gorge Distance 140km - Driving Time 2 hours After making a quick breakfast in our camper, we headed in to Alice Springs to grab a quick coffee and have a stroll around the town centre. My big 30th present from my husband. However, I think crossing the border is a reason to get off your Enjoy one of the best long distance drives in the world. $90 - $140. Hi Amanda, I am planning to drive from Sydney to Alice Spring, Uluru and back to Sydney in Late April next year. I mean it's paved so as long as I don't leave , Bush flies in the Australian OutbackHi, are flies a problem only in the warmer months, or do you get swamped in winter too, every time you have a picnic? It is located 275 kilometers south of Alice Springs and 21 kilometers north of the South Australian border making Kulgera Roadhouse the southernmost permanent settlement and Pub in the Northern Territory. 42 inverness avenue, the basin,
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