All rights reserved. Office of the Superintendent Scott Leach Superintendent 734-529-2350, ext. Contact Mark Johnson at 517-377-1026 or 10:50 a.m., Daniel Patterson, director of the department of assessment, research and evaluation for Dearborn Public Schools since 2016. All rights reserved. Edward Manuszak: The tool was designed because I am a little bit of a unique superintendent that has a strong background in early childhood ed. Edward Manuszak: Yes. Wonnell said she expects to be a visible leader, and if she is selected as superintendent would start attending school and community functions before the official July 1 start date. Edward Manuszak: No, my wife is in the field of education herself. Where we are "Students First." Find Us . Once the board members finished, a majority was in favor of Patterson over Gilpin by a 5-2 margin. I have a unique circumstance where I actually went to school thinking, and if you would have asked me as a 17 year old as myself, what did you want to do with your life? Ninety percent of a students brain develops between 0 and 5. 2023 Chris Riback: Well, its pro footballs loss, but Dundees gain. Chris Riback: You recently created and released an early learning district self-assessment tool. Click Here to Report an Accessibility Concern. Rodney Green, asearch consultant with the Michigan Association of School Boards who has been assisting the district with its superintendent search, told the board Tuesday that Wonnell had removed her name from consideration after accepting the other job offer. We are going to make it as easy for him as we can, Williams said. "I am very proud of the accomplishments we have had together; creating a comprehensive five-year District Strategic Plan (2017-2022), implementing a successful 1:1 Learning Initiative, passing the 2017 Bond and copmleting the facility upgrades, passing in May 2021 the five-year Technology Enhancement Millage, passing the November 2021 Non-Homestead Millage Renewal and Increase, surviving and thriving through a global pandemic, and most of all developing life-long friendships with the community of Dundee.". Everyone calls him Eddie, says Lee Haselschwerdt, a 6th-grade teacher and president of the teachers union at Dundee Community Schools in Michigan. And then of course the idea that because youre rural doesnt necessarily mean that youre out of step. { I really appreciate the idea that on a local level I can be there to make an impact for my students in my district. If (Patterson) needs anything from the school or the board, hes got it. I know two weeks ago we had our national conference and the national cohort came and made a visit to our district. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent734-529-2350, ext. The contract was also submitted to Patterson for review. She is not intending to come to Addison with a negative lens whileexamining things that need to be repaired or reworked. "My physical disability is hindering me from doing what I want to do 125% of the day, Guerra said in January. Superintendents, he continued, need to be flexible and provide expertise and knowledge on certain issues that can be passed along to the board of education, but they also need to relay the vision of the school district to the community. Edward Manuszak: And then of course, I stand on the shoulders of many other people. Edward Manuszak: We did. Important attributes of a superintendent she said include being visible, approachable, placing students first, being business-minded and thinking strategically. Theres a lot more of those types of different districts out there than what we think. The second phase is about building momentum, and the third phase is acting on everything learned from the first two phases. Edward Manuszak: Yes, a lot. Being on my feet is somewhat starting to affect me, walking and that type of stuff.". You are Superintendent of Dundee community schools, which is part of Monroe County, Michigan, correct? } She also taught at Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida, for seven years. Assistant to the Superintendent Phone: 734-529-2350 Ext. We had three candidates who were neck, neck and neck, Addison Board of Education President Scott Williams said after the meeting. The decision for superintendent ultimately came down to Patterson and finalist Ben Gilpin, an elementary school principal at the Jackson Western schools, after the third finalist, Jennifer Wonnell, assistant superintendent at Dundee Community Schools, accepted a job offer from another school district. It turns out at 18 you found your calling. Wonnell has been assistant superintendent at Dundee Community Schools since July 2019, according to her resume. Please consider taking this. ); We are a rural community. Edward Manuszak: Absolutely. Each bidder must use the original document obtained online. Dundee Community Schools 420 Ypsilanti Dundee, MI 48131 Phone 734 529 2350 Fax 734 529 5606. In a round-robin format, and at the direction of Green, board members talked about the qualities of each of the candidates and shared what they thought separated one from the other. When I am a superintendent of a local school district, I obviously am living and breathing what my colleagues around the nation do. } Like Wonnell, Gilpins 90-day entry plan consists of phases each one geared toward making sure he understands the school district and the Addison community. Lets focus there, that rural schools and rural districts face? Most of the students have family . Dundee Central School District Appoints New Superintendent Please see the Press Release for more information about the Dundee Central School District's new Superintendent of Schools Loading. 2023 Superintendent: Dr. Stephen Phillips. Perry said he also showed support for Patterson because Addison was the only school district Patterson applied to for a superintendent position. Green earlier said those watching the interviews will be able to provide feedback online. Mr. I like to hire what we dont have, he said. Pattersons 90-day plan consists of five parts: student achievement, organizational capacity, governance, community and public relations, and operations and finance. Sign Up See more of Dundee Community Schools on Facebook Log In or Create new account See more of Dundee Community Schools on Facebook Log In Forgot account? Our. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( The board is being aided in the search process by Rodney Green, search consultant with the Michigan Association of School Boards. Were a small community, we have what I think really is one of the best-kept secrets in Ingham County in terms of our focus on students and our educational product. And so my mother-in-law is a big influence and she asked me to volunteer in her preschool. He has also recorded a video expanding on his announcement. ADDISON It took less than one hour of discussion time Tuesday for the Addison Community Schools Board of Education to come to an agreement on who should be the districts next superintendent. Projector. Dundee community schools, we are located in the Northwest corner of Monroe County. Student wellness, especially over the past several years, he said, is a major component to todays makeup of a school district. He does not have a negative about him, Willams said of Patterson. Retention of staff, finding staff, it is a major challenge for rural districts around the nation. Copyright 2023 Dundee Community Schools. He checks all of the boxes. })(); Edward Manuszak: Early Childhood Matters Most, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Austin/Travis County Success by 6: Providing Support Birth to Five, Rebecca Gale: Every News Outlet Should Have a Childcare Beat, Avinash Verma: This Youth Advocate is Ready to Take Flight, Dr. Robert Blaine: Helping Harmonize Early Learning in Americas Cities. I am going to come to work with my research done so that I can answer any question, she said. Manuszak encouraged anyone with comments, questions or concerns to contact him. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Chris Riback: Terrific. Patterson said he is not a micromanager and that he believes in collaboration and setting high expectations. DCS Supt. It is important in education, he added, to keep your ego out of it. He also referred to himself as a relentless problem solver.. Another aspect of his initial days as superintendent would be to personally speak with each teacher and get to know them on a personal and professional level. The Saline School Board announced the candidates, which were chosen after reviewing 18 applicants for the job during a closed session meeting Thursday, April 8. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Superintendent's Office 734-529-2350 Send Message to Jenny Wilson. Previously, he served as a fifth grade teacher at Hanover-Horton for nine years. How many superintendents does it take to come up with a motto? 1:10 p.m., Wes Johnson, superintendent at North Adams-Jerome Public Schools since 2017. Guerra, 62, is retiring with two years left on his contract due to complications with a birth defect that left him with one leg shorter than the other. The decision for superintendent ultimately came down to Patterson and finalist Ben Gilpin, an elementary school principal at the Jackson Western schools, after the third finalist, Jennifer Wonnell, assistant superintendent at Dundee Community Schools, accepted a job offer from another school district. Chris Riback: Eddie, welcome to the studio. The original job posting for the superintendent position included a salary range of $115,000 to $125,000. After you do business with DUNDEE . "My job over the next three months will be twofold:ensuring a successful end to the 2021-2022 school year while building relationships with all of the individuals and groups that either encompass or impact Dansville Schools.". Welcome to the Superintendent Page for Dundee Central School! Dundee Community Schools Superintendent. } Teachers, he said, are the most critical piece to a students success in school. Chris Riback: You know the old joke, right? Dundee Community Schools will have to finda new superintendent this summer. Edward Manuszak announced last Wednesday in a letter to the district's families, students and staff that he will be leaving his post at the end of the current school year to accept the. The board, as well as Green, said each of the candidates would make a quality superintendent. We look forward to finding out more about the candidates leadership abilities, and what each candidate has to offer our students, staff and community. We also have Head Start. In a small school district, it is a team of myselfand other people,and sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and get it done, she said. We had 40 superintendents that were all rural based superintendents came and they spoke to our staff and we held a work session where they came and observed our teachers in action and then gave us feedback on what were doing.
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