Ondrives' competitor cross reference tool provides exact equals to many of our precision catalog items. : DW1164 OEM: K136-205/R44-1040 Side: . The earliest numbers were numeric only. Many pricing profiles must be entered into the software to facilitate quick and accurate estimates. We manufacture automotive replacement glass in the same factories where we create the original parts supplied to vehicle assembly plants. Its primary business initially was producing and selling patterns for cutting flat auto glass. If you have any additional questions regarding the status of a product, please contact our Most billing done between the service providers and the insurance companies or TPAs are done through a process called EDI billing. To understand body styles, one must understand the pillar assignments given to the vehicle body. The C pillar is between the rear seat and the rear storage area on a station wagon body style or the rear-most pillar on a sedan or coupe. The most Nags families were found in USA in 1880. AcuraAudiBMWBuickCadillacChevroletChryslerDaewooDodgeFiatFordFord/LincolnFreightlinerGeoHondaHummerHyundaiInfinitiJaguarJeepKenworthKiaLand RoverLexusLincolnMazdaMercedes BenzMercuryMiniMitsubishiNissanOldsmobilePontiacSaturnSubaruToyotaVolkswagenVolvo, Glass Type One rule that holds true is that the left side of the vehicle is always the drivers-side of the vehicle and the right is always the passengers-side. These listings can be used to compute the selling price of flat laminated glass. Copyright 2007-2023 Carlex Glass America, LLC All rights reserved. These include the cost (to you) of glass, adhesive system, supplies, moldings if required, and any other parts required in completing the work. . use of the Product Cross-Reference Information by Receiving Party or its customers. Ford Certified Glass Network and Educational and Training Videos, Regional Sales Manager / Marketing Manager, Carlex President Message to Customers, Team Members, Colleagues Worldwide (Click Here). LAM RHRD w/1 clip DD12667 GTY GD9Z 5425712 A SL:17-? Many glass distributors offer a computerized part look-up service for their customers online. Accessing this course requires a login. Tempered The NTP has made the following determinations: Solar radiation is known to be a human carcinogen. The first letter in the color code is the overall color added to the glass in the batch. These cookies are used to improve your website experience, and provide more personalized services to you, both on this website and through other media. The Block column is the dimension of the lite of glass. The middle six digits are assigned based on part and design. Usually, the privacy glass is black or gray. LAM RHFD w/2 clips DD12665 GTY GD9Z 5421410 A SL:17-? The first NAGS glass pattern (#1) was for a 1926 Model K, Series 5, Touring and Roadster Chevrolet. Competition You must compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Search NAGS. Conventional Cab This is a term referring to large over-the-road trucks with a conventional style of hood design. They can also assist in some ways with the installation process, such as, pre-, and post-inspections, product usage for inventory control and warranty work tracking. In some cases, a 2012 model vehicle was introduced in the fall of 2010. ging , nags v. tr. One can measure the glass and determine if the glass is the correct part for the vehicle or the glass is defectively cut. Your email address will not be published. Schneider Electric shall not be responsible for any claims based upon They are issued letters starting with the letter A. If your name is John Smith and your sisters name is Jane Smith, your family name, Smith, is like the make of a vehicle (Ford). !7Dp)AQ)))~W~3*@T.Z5U-sx#J;kDJt!DtBmB864x~*/ID5iR}PdhS4p4F?%P`e_*FtpE5}&KLkhU9a4p-. $1.00 per successful lookup after. We urge you to visit the NAGS web site (https://www.mitchell.com/products-services/collision-repair-shop-solutions/glass-and-invoicing-management/glassmate) for more information on their publications and products. Save time and money by avoiding costly part re-orders. NAGS Part No. These costs must be calculated and added to the variable costs and then prorated to sales projections. What is the difference between a rear vent glass and a quarter glass? Most vehicles today are purchased through financial organizations like banks and finance companies using the vehicle itself as collateral. Note: In some cases the last Alpha Character/s may not be updated in the database. National Association Of Grooms And Students. Now for the Plus side of the equation, profit. Rozint thinks technicians confused NAGS purpose with Mitchells Cloud Glass point-of-sale solution, the latter also provides parts numbers. Weve added auto glass from 1990 through 1999 to complement our Older Model and Restoration Guide1st Edition! They come in two-door, extended cab, or crew cab (four door) styles. From USASpareparts.com you can find all Spare parts and Accessories for your American car The brands we treated is: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac. Note: There are some exceptions to this rule. This has caused a dilemma in pricing our parts and services to our customers. In order to go from a VIN to parts, you must have the manufacturers build sheet data which is not readily available in the aftermarket for some OEMs, Rozint says. parts, View the entire ADI product Application Engineers for assistance. To follow along with this section you should have a copy of the Catalog and Calculator or computer software of choice. Part Details. Backlite This is not considered a success and you will not be billed. For example, Toyotas luxury division is Lexus, Nissans is the Infiniti, Hyundai has the Genesis luxury brand and Hondas is the Acura nameplate. Our catalogs, calculators and windshield hardware guides are published every four months with the latest data for the entire auto glass industry. AcuraAudiBMWBuickCadillacChevroletChryslerDaewooDodgeFiatFordFord/LincolnFreightlinerGeoHondaHummerHyundaiInfinitiJaguarJeepKenworthKiaLand RoverLexusLincolnMazdaMercedes BenzMercuryMiniMitsubishiNissanOldsmobilePontiacSaturnSubaruToyotaVolkswagenVolvo, Glass Type These stories have been researched for the benefit of professional AGRR shop owners and installers. The TPAs provide a service that simplifies the claim process for the insurance company by taking it over and billing them one easy monthly bill. With Mitchell Cloud Glass, a VIN can be entered and the system will retrieve for the most commonly accessed parts the NAGS number which is associated with an OEM part number. It was used for pricing parts and figuring out our cost of goods. In addition, all vehicles have different body styles to choose from such as coupes, sedans, and station wagons. Rate it: NAGS. To accurately estimate an installation, computer software must be told the different discounts for the glass, the method to compute the labor charge, and/or the price of the labor per hour. SoundScreen acoustic windshields come standard on nearly all Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Only $1.00 per successfull lookup, no monthly commitment or licensing commitment. Most distributors stock such parts for the convenience of their customers. It is required that older Catalogs, or the other reference guides, be obtained for servicing customers with older vehicles. The main sunshade color options are green, blue, gray and bronze. However, the glass suppliers had a problem with the new pricing arraignment because they wanted to control their own pricing of goods. The aftermarket replacement glass (ARG) industry was unusual, for many years, in how they priced their products and services. Sunshade glass is tinted glass with a darker tint at the top that gradually becomes lighter as the tint travels down the glass. The block size is the longest measurement of the glass, vertically and horizontally and is measured in tenths of an inch. Size classifications are: In the past, the model year of a vehicle was straightforward. Auto glass information from 2000 through 2010 is now also available. We will address Cost Plus pricing after explaining the NAGS system as it was designed to work. A week ago, glassBYTEs.com spoke to several auto glass technicians about the prevalence of vehicle identification numbers and parts numbers not matching up in National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS), a database created and maintained by Mitchell. A special discount is available to those who pre-order the Hardware Parts and Interchange Guide-Windshield Edition by November 18. Please report any accuracy issues you find using the in-app "Report An Issue" button so that we can continue to improve our accuracy. Once your calculations are made, they must be updated as often as possible. Please submit in type written form. EDI processing requires that special software and databases be used, or that membership in a network be obtained. In the past, our industry priced their products and services by use of the National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) list pricing. The DR11958 is a gray privacy tinted domestic roof glass with hardware. For this pricing initiative to work, all parties involved with the replacement of auto glass, suppliers, auto glass shops, insurance companies and the consumer must be in support of the change. We are the original equipment supplier to vehicle manufacturers including Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Ford and so many more. The second letter describes the parts position on the vehicle. When replacing automotive glass in your old or new vehicle, you can rely on the Carlex and Carlite (Ford products) brand of glass. The B pillar is the roof pillar that separates the front seat area and the rear seat. This Schneider Electric Product Cross-Reference 90% coverage for vehicles on the road today. The first name of the family members, John and Jane, is like the model names (Focus or Fusion). OEM Cross Reference. For the second option, enter various vehicle details, including the year, make and model for a . They have a lower markup on the goods they need to complete the work. This type of van can have up to five sets of pillars. If a glass is broken, the owner uses the insurance to pay for the replacement. By clicking Accept All, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Though the computer age is upon us, the print Catalogs and Calculators are still regularly used industry wide. A 2000 model vehicle was made starting in the fall of 1999 and continued to the fall of 2000. The windshield for a 2019 Chevrolet XTS 4 Door Sedan. : DL4717 OEM: K136-157/R44-1036 Size: 30.25" x 20" x 29.81" Resources Applications Special Offers Alternative Parts Buster's Blog - TRP Windshields 45YxuBOOFBR. The old-style convertible had only the A pillar. Most manufacturers, except for luxury or sport luxury vehicles, want at least one model in each size class. Order the right piece of glass the first time. To make matters worse, some companies have introduced half-year models. Like their domestic counterparts, Chrysler shares design features with their foreign partner Fiat. They require that the owner of the vehicle carry a full coverage insurance policy on the vehicle until the loan is satisfied. EDI is a process where billing, processing, and payment are done through electronic data transfer. Limousines Limos are nothing more than a sedan body style that has been lengthened. The back glass for a 2019 Nissan Kicks 4 Door Utility. This saves the insurance companies millions of dollars in handling costs. After all, glass is clear, is it not? Cost Plus (CP) is a pricing strategy used for years in business, but our industry is relatively new to this concept. DW1164-30; KENWORTH 2 PIECE CURVED GLASS - 30 PER CRATE. Instead of having an all-inclusive standardized price list across the board, they have a different net price for every piece of glass and from every distributor that supplies them. Privacy Policy. Description: GLASS-KENWORTH 2 PC CURV(30EA =1CRATE . As flat auto glass was replaced by curved auto glass, the NAGS pattern business declined, but NAGS continued to assign part numbers to the new curved auto glass. Intelligent VIN decoding provides the correct NAGS part within seconds Start Now for Free! They felt that their profits would suffer for the change. The pillar is the part of the vehicle that separates the lower body with the roof, which also supports the roof. Please reference the chart for easy-to-find information about: oEms . It can also help the service provider by assuring dependable cash flow. Use our interchange cross-reference search tool to find similar automotive parts between OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), competing brands, or parts from brands like NGK which may have different stock and manufacturer numbers. Coupe A coupe has a B pillar but does not have a framing channel around the door glass. These are called fixed costs and can include infrastructure, insurance, human resources, marketing, and other costs that are unchanged from job to job. Answer the following questions in your own words. Customer Who is your customer? The numeric portion of the NAGS number is a sequential number issued by NAGS. The m designation is the way that NAGS warns you of this eventuality. GlasPacLX offers shops a faster way to find the right parts quickly and give their customers an accurate quote. Cross reference Ford parts using either of the three methods offered on FordParts.com. If the result does not populate or appears to not match, reach out to a Carlex representative for assistance. Contact our experienced Application Engineers for assistance. Some companies recalculate costs on a quarterly basis, others do it yearly and others only revisit the cost calculation when a large change was noticed. NAGS - What does NAGS stand for? Web receive the latest auto glass data. The NAGS Calculators give the list price of all the auto glass parts by NAGS number. This indicates that a part may have to be replaced to complete the job to the customers satisfaction. This is the most desired and important figure added to the CP calculation. Vent, Ex. If you get sick or injured, you may have no one there to continue your business. The windshield for a 2018Fiat 500L 4 Door Hatchback, without acoustical Interlayer. Either business plan can work successfully, but its important to consider all variables when determining your pricing strategy. One reason is that through your own software you can check numerous distributors in your area for availability and price of parts. FCA Group manufactures Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep and Eagle autos and trucks, the Eagle and Plymouth brands are no longer in existence. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit . Though there are many different domestic makes of vehicles on the market, there are only four recognized major domestic manufacturers, Ford, General Motors, FCA, and Tesla. VIN. Analog Devices is in the process of updating our website. NAGS realized this and began a series of presentations on the restructuring of the pricing model at glass industry gatherings and at insurance company offices nationwide. The site cross references the submitted part number before providing specific details about the part. However, the Laminated Safety Glass section is read differently. Carlex has a rich history of original equipment automotive glass manufacturing. It is wise to use the terms driver or passenger side when referring to glass positioning. In the top two corners of the listing are Clear and Tinted sections. This greatly reduces the cost involved with the processing a claim, because fewer people are needed to handle the paperwork. Results are 98% or better accurate for the front windshield of supported makes. For the first method, enter the VIN code for a match-up. Read more about our privacy policy. All parts in the catalog are set up with an Alliance Truck Parts number. Cost is determined by the wholesale price of goods sold. Dont just take our word for it. Early patterns were numbered to differentiate between the parts. The first letter of the prefix indicates if the part fits a domestic (D) or a foreign (F) vehicle. Welcome to the Cross Reference Tool.To begin, type in the partial or full part number At this time we support all glass openings except sunroofs. Find similar competitors to compare to. Now, manufacturers have special models for different body styles. No reproduction, in print, electronic or any form without the expressed written permission of the publisher. To illustrate this further, let us use an example of a family. Ricambi e Accessori Auto Americane Elenco Ricambi per Produttore NAGS Catalog We publish automotive aftermarket glass information for all vehicles, including domestic and foreign, sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets three times a year. When you combine the various glass tint options with the sunshade options you will find that there is a large selection to choose from. Utilize the Ondrives.US competitor cross reference tool to locate an equivalent Ondrives.US product from a competitor's part number. U.S. Lags in Electric Vehicle Sales Despite Biden Administrations Push. Vent, Ex. It is necessary to be familiar with the part numbers, pricing procedures and publications they provide so the best possible service can be supplied to your customer. In the past, almost every vehicle had a two-door coupe, four-door sedan, and a station wagon in each of their models line-ups. With Mitchell Cloud Glass, a VIN can be entered and the system will retrieve for the most commonly accessed parts the NAGS number which is associated with an OEM part number. We will discuss that trick of the trade later in this training guide. Tempered Station Wagon A station wagon has a squared off rear-end. Hardtop a hardtop does not have a B pillar or a frame surrounding the door glass. Let us look at how the new model is designed to work and then discuss the problems that have occurred. requirements. Air Bag Quick Reference Guide NAGS publishes the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for working safely around air bags. This section has three columns with four sub-columns. The area directly behind the rear seats is used for cargo only because the angle of the back glass prohibits rear seating. This section aids in finding the vehicle that a part number fits. Always replace your glass with the original part designed to fit and perform for your vehicle. However, the main thing purchased by the consumer is the skilled labor the professionals bring to the task. In the sample above, the DD11750 is a green tinted domestic door glass without hardware attached to the glass. Published every four months, our NAGS catalogs, calculators and windshield hardware guides help ensure that you have the data you need for proper and safe auto glass repair and replacement. For the most part, clear glass is almost obsolete. Mini vans are very popular because they are easier to handle and ride like a car rather than a truck. These are called pricing profiles. Do you see your business as the low price leader, premium quality provider, or the middle of the road service provider? Color is added when the raw materials, of sand, soda ash, and limestone are melted into molten glass. Domestic vehicles are those vehicles that have more than 50% of domestically produced parts. field two example A03100. Maybe Im missing something but why can this not be implemented going forward for the glass to indicate either a Nags, Dealer, QR or bar code? Do they pay with cash, credit, or through insurance? Glass, molding retention and technology similarities are shared between brands. The comprehensive portion of the policy is what covers the glass in the vehicle. Some manufacturers make build sheet information available to databases and NAGS, and others do not. However, we highly recommend that you purchase or lease your own software as soon as you can afford the investment. DODGE Trucks/SUVs Parts and Accessories. These exceptions were called r parts. The pillar assignments start in the front of the vehicle and progress toward the rear of the vehicle. Adobe d #%'%#//33//@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@&&0##0+.'''.+550055@@? Schneider Electric SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED Part Number should be at least 3 characters. This resulted in an invoice to the consumer that was high on glass profit but could produce an actual loss, once you figured in the labor and miscellaneous supplies. National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) feature the information that glass professionals rely on daily. The second letter describes the parts position on the vehicle. Ford manufactures Ford, Lincoln and Mercury automobiles and trucks, though the Mercury brand ended in 2011. This added feature greatly simplifies correct part selection. Subscribe today! You will get notified by email and push notifications if using our AutoGlassCRM app. Roof This article is from glassBYTEs, the free e-newsletter that covers the latest auto glass industry news. There are a few clearance windshields online, but when factoring in shipping they become outrageously expensive S This creates the probability that the molding will be damaged upon removal. Note: In some cases the last Alpha Character/s may not be updated in the database. Ex. DB10121, Required minimum of 4 characters, Copyright 2007-2023 Carlex Glass America, LLC All rights reserved. These are favorite vehicles for van conversions. " [NAGS] was never intended to be a mechanism for getting [parts numbers]," Rozint says. Information is proprietary and provided to the Receiving Party on a CONFIDENTIAL Glass technology, contractual obligations between glass manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, and imported glass from offshore countries make it impossible to create a list price that doesnt include exceptions to the pricing norms. All rights reserved. Carlex replacement glass is designed and built to the highest quality standards and meets or exceeds all federal safety standards for automotive glass. Instead of being a retail store that sells glass, it wants to change to a service shop that sells skilled labor with glass and supplies as a peripheral. The color code is made up of two letters because it must detail the color options. This is used whenever there is a right and left glass part. Only later were the S and T suffixes added. Instead of having fewer r parts to deal with, the whole price list was r parts. Before attempting an installation of any m part, be sure to have a replacement molding on hand. Though it was big on innovation it proved to be an inconvenience for its customers. The following are the abbreviations used and their meanings. In the 1950s, NAGS began publishing the NAGS Calculator to report the aftermarkets list pricing for the auto glass parts NAGS assigned. It usually has four sets of roof pillars, A-D. Convertibles A convertible has a top that can be raised, lowered, or removed. First 10 lookups free! General Motors (GM) manufactures Chevrolet autos and trucks, GMC trucks, Oldsmobile autos and trucks, Pontiac autos and vans, Cadillac autos and Buick autos and trucks. Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Central Glass. Use census records and voter lists to . Cross reference GM parts numbers by entering the part number and selecting the make of the car on the Part Number Search page on GMPartsOnline.net. To narrow down your selection, first select the part manufacturer from the list Tesla is still in development of its sales and delivery system. You may also select an Engine Manufacturer and/or a Product Family to get a listing of OEM cross references available.
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